Article written by Adam

8 responses to “Werewolves of the T”

  1. Biplob Kishore Deb

    I did not know about the song before, but the song with heavy metal sounded very sweet.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Planet Buzz

    Wow this is so ironic. I had just about the same experience with the Black Crow’s song “She Talks’ to angles” at Port Authority. I was thinking about the song and kind of humming it as I happened upon a guy playing and singing. No sooner had I passed by the guy brakes into the song. Funny how these things happen.

  3. Richy

    That’s an awesome dark, spooky picture up above. I like!

  4. Jim Gaudet

    I am funny like that too. Once I see something I like I hit the net and find a ton more…

    What did we do before the Internet? I can’t remember…

  5. Adam Pieniazek

    @Biplob Glad to introduce you to the awesomeness of Werewolves of London!

    @Planet Buzz There are no coincidences!

    @Richy Yes, it’s a very nice picture. Stuant63 has got some skills.

    @Jim Before the internet? Sorry, I was born in ’83, I don’t know of this pre-internet era you speak of. Sounds like a dark, dreaky place. All kidding aside, I think we spent a lot more time outside and a lot less time communicating with people on the other side of the globe while looking up funny videos. That sounds about right.

  6. Doctor Jobs Australia

    I have rarely heard this song but brought it back to memory good song. The moon photo above is cool too..

  7. Bill in Dot

    Thank you, my reaction would have been similar.

    Lots more of Warren’s live sets on-line *legally* at the Internet Archives … possibly the second or third biggest name there, his son has a good attitude.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Very cool, thanks for the legal resource Bill.