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11 responses to “The New England Patriots will win Super Bowl XLIII”

  1. Justin Wright

    I really hope the Jets take the division, haha! Growing up in Wisconsin, I grew to love Brett Favre. We’ll see if they actually have any potential next week when they take on the Pats. If the Jets fail, I always have the Pack to cheer on. They looked pretty decent last night.

  2. Justin Wright

    Hahaha, the Cardinals. I remember seeing some Cardinals tickets for like 10 (for the pair) on Craigslist last season. A little different than getting a seat at Lambeau. But who knows, maybe they’ll pull it together this year….maybe

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  3. Matt

    You should do a blog post about whatever it is you’re smoking. They’re demoralized. They will still be a good team but are going to limp along all season without their key man.

  4. Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo

    You Patriots fans really have been in your own little world the past 5 years eh? Let me break the bad news to you, you can’t draft backup college QBs and expect starters (let alone guys good enough to make and win the superbowl). You guys got lucky with Tom Brady and now any guy with both arms and both legs is good enough to be your QB? Get real, your franchise is taking the year off.

  5. Cj

    I think new england is the best football team ever!!!!and yes they are going to win thier division….and go on to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!Hopefully next year Tom Brady will be back to claim back his football team

  6. Samurai

    Charli left a comment
    so I wanted to , too.

  7. Cj

    New England Patriots is the #1 team in the NFL Lets Go Patriots Lets Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plus Who is Matt Cassel, I love Tom Brady Now Thats A Hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cj

    The Jets Are Going Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!