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11 responses to “Thesis Theme Comes to Prose of a Pol”

  1. m ramos

    I like the subtle changes — it’s kind of like a facelift!

  2. Justin Wright

    I really like it. It’s a little more cleaner and simple and I really like the small changes like the fonts, etc. Looking forward to your new header and what it might look like.

  3. Jim Gaudet

    I noticed that Thesis seems really fast. That’s my favorite feature.
    I wonder if Disqus can import comments like Backtype..

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      It does seem faster Jim. A big reason might be that it has a lot of built in features so you need less plugins running to get those features.

      Disqus can import comments (there’s a section called social media reactions that lets you choose where to pull comments from).

      I’ve got it running on We Demand Videos, but so far it’s not doing a great job at pulling in external comments. Going to keep testing the two (and Intense Debate) to see what delivers the best results but for now sticking with BackType here.

  4. yasinta

    Where is the theme? The one you use as this page’s theme? If so, I would say clean and neat. But personally, the dafault letters (in your post) are too big.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Thanks for the feedback yasinta. The theme is the look and feel you see on the site. The Thesis theme is pretty clean and neat out of the box and I’m really looking forward to tweaking it a bit more to make it even cleaner.

      What type of screen are you viewing this site from? I toyed around with other font sizes but the 16 pt font seems easier to read from my end. It is largely a personal preference but I’m wondering what your screen size is and how that affects how the fonts look…

  5. Jim Spencer

    Well done Adam. Clean and uncluttered. I like the large fonts, they seem to welcome everyone. You social media icons have style.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Thanks Jim. Still looking to clean it up a bit more. Considering dropping the huge RSS icon and rolling a smaller version in next to the other social media icons. Big fan of keeping the clutter low. Big fan of the large font too, makes reading on an iPhone much easier on the eyes.

    2. Adam Pieniazek

      Oh, and btw Jim. Those social media icons are from JWLOH via My Social Buttons. Agree, they’ve got lots of swagger style.

  6. Grow Conner

    Like the facelift heh very clean indeed

  7. Graphic Arena

    Hi i liked it … and also your blog .. keep working thanks for your information