Article written by Adam

4 responses to “Lessons Learned from an Accidental rm -rf *”

  1. Jim Gaudet

    Seems like a 420 mistake from the 42nd Estate. I get happy fingers sometimes too, but I will tell you this. You just made me create a task to check that all my important data is safely backed up and scheduled…


    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Haha, not quite. I was actually running out to the store and to buy some supplies for dinner and figured, ah, might as well do a little cleanup and get Time Machine rolling while I’m out.

      After that bleeping’ leadin’ asterik, the cleanup turned into running diffs against my backups and what was on my desktop while I was out…which took much longer than that.

  2. April

    i thought that said “unisex is power”

  3. Rob


    I had that nervous sick feeling in my stomach just reading that post!

    I feel for ya and the lessons learned are priceless. Thanks for sharing them.